Geomarketing is seen today as a new revolution in modern marketing

"Born of the confluence of marketing and geography, [geomarketing] allows us to analyse the situation of a business through the exact location of customers, points of sale, branches, competition, locating them on a digital or printed map through symbols and custom colors." (Source:Wikipedia)

What can I do with Geomarketing?

One of the first applications of geomarketing is Foursquare, the geo-location social network par excellence that enables customers to register by checking-in through their tablet or smartphone, to share their position and write reviews on the spot about the place where they are.

Now, can have a custom application of this type for your business, that will allow you to know in real time what are your customers asking, segment them geographically, know their socio-demographic features and display all that information graphically in a web map.

Geomarketing helps you answer, quickly and efficiently, any questions related to the territory

Some examples of the questions that we could answer:

How are my clients distributed?

Which are the areas of growth for my company?

Does my sales team cover all areas? is it possible to optimize my sales network?

What is the potential for this  market? Is my company taking advantage of it?

In what area should I base my regional operations?

What is the state of the infrastructure surrounding my project?

Is it feasible to develop a project taking into account the socio-economic context of the area, the available infrastructure and the existing competition?


The demographic composition of Internet users is more varied every time and your audience spends increasingly more time online. Social Media geomarketing will help you to find them and talk to them in their own language


Benefits of social media multiply considerabily if you apply geomarketing to use you already make of social networks:

-Every action of your customers becomes a promotional action, generating almost naturally viral marketing.

-You can identify areas where the services or products of your company have room for improvement, thus optimizing in real time the development of your business.

-The display of the data will help to discover, in a simple way, complex relations that help you explain the behavior of your customers.

-Will have the possibility of measuring website traffic helping you to measure the ROI of your business advertising expenses.

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